Converted to Islam From Christianity

Alphapet B

* Benjamin Chavis - controversial former head of the NAACP; joined the Nation of Islam.
* Bernard Hopkins - American boxer
* Betty Shabazz - wife of Malcolm X; former Methodist.
* Bilal Philips - Islamic scholar and author
* Bruno Metsu - French coach of the Senegal team at the 02 FIFA World Cup
* Bryant Neal Vinas - participated in and supported al-Qaeda plots in Afghanistan and the U.S., and helped al-Qaeda plan a bomb attack on the LIRR

Alphapet C

* Colleen LaRose - American citizen charged with terrorism-related crimes
* Chris Eubank - British boxer
* Claude Alexandre de Bonneval or Humbaraci Ahmet Pasa is 18th century French nobleman.
* Count Cassius- Visigothic aristocrat who founded the Banu Qasi dynasty of Muladi rulers.

Alphapet D

* Daniel Maldonado - American Islamist convicted in the United States on charges of training with al-Qaida in East Africa. Raised Catholic.
* Daniel Streich - former member of the right-wing party, Swiss People's Party
* Danny Thompson - English double bass player converted from Catholicism.
* Danny Williams - British boxer
* David Belfield - American, fled to Iran after assassinating Ali Akbar Tabatabai, an Iranian dissident.
* David Benjamin Keldani, a former Catholic priest.
* Dave Chappelle - comedian and television star.
* Dawud Wharnsby-Ali (David Wharnsby) - Canadian singer/poet.

Alphapet E

* Elsa Kazi - German writer of one-act plays, short stories, novels and history, and one of the greatest poets of her time.
* Éric Abidal (changed his name to Bilal) - French football player, currently playing for FC Barcelona, converted to Islam after marriage.
* Everlast - Rapper from the Irish-American hip-hop group House of Pain, converted From Catholicism.

Alphapet F

* Franck Ribéry- a French football player. His name after he converted to Islam is Bilal.

Alphapet G

* Gabriele Torsello - Italian freelance photojournalist based in London who was abducted in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
* Gary Raymond Miller (Abdulahad Omar)
* Gauhar Jaan-British-Indian Singer.
* George XI of Kartli - Saffavid commander.
* Germaine Lindsay - one of the suicide terrorists in the 7 July 05 London bombings in which 52 people were murdered.

Alphapet H

* Hamza Yusuf - American convert from Greek Orthodox; head of the Zaytuna Institute.
* Hedley Churchward - English painter

Converted to Islam From Hinduism

* Mallu Iqbal Khan - converted to Islam and became one highest army general during the Tughlaq dynasty and Lodhi Dynasty in South Asia.
* Divya Bharti - Indian actress who converted on marriage to producer Sajid Nadiadwala
* Sahaj Ram Sapru - the grandfather of the British-Indian Muslim Philosopher, Sir Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, who was an official in Kashmir during the administration of the Afghan Governor Azim Khan.
* Kamala Suraiyya (formerly Kamala Das) - Anglo-Malayalam writer
* Sharmila Tagore (Begum Ayesha Sultana) - Bollywood film actress, she converted to Islam upon marriage.
* Kabir Suman- Modern Bengali singer & songwriter officially converted to Islam from Hinduism in 00.
* Tansen - Notable musician and poet.
* A.R. Rahman (stands for Allah Rakha Rahman) - Modern South Indian singer ,songwriter & Oscar winner officially converted to Islam from Hinduism.
* Kamala Surayya - a.k.a. Madhavikutty (31 March 1934 – 31 May 09) She was born in a conservative Hindu Nair (Nallappattu) family having Royal anscestry who was an Indian writer who openly and honestly discussed and wrote about the sexual desires of Indian women, which made her an iconoclast of her generation. She officially converted to Islam from Hinduism.
* Steven Vikash Chand - Arrested in the 06 Toronto terrorism arrests.
* Pooja Bedi- Bollywood actress, model, socialite. The daughter of late dancer Protima Bedi and actor Kabir Bedi. She converted to Islam and took the name of NoorJehan on her marriage to Farhan Furniturewala, prominent businessman.
* Dhiren Barot - Born in India to a Hindu family, Barot was later sentenced to 40 years in prison in the United Kingdom for conspiracy to murder. Barot admitted to plotting to bomb the New York Stock Exchange, the International Monetary Fund headquarters, and the World Bank, amongst other targets.

Converted to Islam From Christianity

Alphabet A

    * Abdul-Karim al-Jabbar (Sharmon Shah) - former NFL player
    * Abel Xavier - former Portuguese professional footballer converted to Islam with his new name Faisal.
    * Abu Tammam - 9th century Arab poet born to Christian parents.
    * Abu Usamah - American-born Imam of Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham, UK.Accused of preaching messages of hate towards non-Muslims in a UK Television documentary.
    * Adam Gadahn (born Adam Pearlman) - al-Qaeda English language spokesman. Homeschooled Christian.
    * Addas - Companion of the Prophet Muhammad Sallaho Alehy Wassallam during his time. One of the earliest Christian convert to Islam.
    * Adi ibn Hatim - Companion of the Prophet Muhammad Sallaho Alehy Wassallam during his time.
    * Ahmad Rashad - Emmy award-winning sportscaster (mostly with NBC Sports) and former American football wide receiver.
    * Ahmed Santos - Filipino, fugitive, founder of the Rajah Solaiman Movement & suspected by Filipino authorities to be an Al Qaeda operative converted from Catholicism
    * Ahmad Thomson - British barrister and writer and also a member of the Murabitun movement.
    * Akhenaton - French rapper and producer of French hip hop.
    * Alexander Litvinenko - former FSB officer converted to Islam on his deathbed.
    * Alexander Russell Webb - Former Presbyterian. American journalist, newspaper owner, and former Consul-General of the U.S.A. in the Philippines.
    * André Carson - former Baptist, second Muslim to serve the United States Congress.
    * Art Blakey - American Jazz musician
    * Aukai Collins - fought in Chechnya, paid FBI informant, author of an autobiographical book
    * Anthony Mundine - former Australian rugby league player for the St George Illawarra Dragons and now a boxer

Converted to Islam From Judaism

    * Rashid-al-Din Hamadani - 13th century Persian physician
    * Sultan Rafi Sharif Bey (Yale Singer) - a pioneer in the development of Islamic culture in the United States.
    * Tali Fahima - Israeli left-wing activist, convicted of aiding Palestinian terrorists. Converted to Islam in Umm al-Fahm in June 10.
    * Yaqub ibn Killis - 10th century Egyptian vizier under the Fatimids.

Converted to Islam From Buddhism

    * Dr.Periyar Dasan - Now Dr.Abdullah.
    * Sarah Malini Perera - Sri Lankan housemaid living in Bahrain who was arrested in Sri Lanka for publishing a book condemning Buddhism and upholding extremist Islam funded by Islamic extremists.
    * Tarmashirin - Khan of the Chagatai Khanate following Duwa Timur.
    * Hussein Ye - An Islamic scholar of Chinese descent whose lectures are frequently aired on Peace TV.
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