Converted to Islam From Hinduism

* Mallu Iqbal Khan - converted to Islam and became one highest army general during the Tughlaq dynasty and Lodhi Dynasty in South Asia.
* Divya Bharti - Indian actress who converted on marriage to producer Sajid Nadiadwala
* Sahaj Ram Sapru - the grandfather of the British-Indian Muslim Philosopher, Sir Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, who was an official in Kashmir during the administration of the Afghan Governor Azim Khan.
* Kamala Suraiyya (formerly Kamala Das) - Anglo-Malayalam writer
* Sharmila Tagore (Begum Ayesha Sultana) - Bollywood film actress, she converted to Islam upon marriage.
* Kabir Suman- Modern Bengali singer & songwriter officially converted to Islam from Hinduism in 00.
* Tansen - Notable musician and poet.
* A.R. Rahman (stands for Allah Rakha Rahman) - Modern South Indian singer ,songwriter & Oscar winner officially converted to Islam from Hinduism.
* Kamala Surayya - a.k.a. Madhavikutty (31 March 1934 – 31 May 09) She was born in a conservative Hindu Nair (Nallappattu) family having Royal anscestry who was an Indian writer who openly and honestly discussed and wrote about the sexual desires of Indian women, which made her an iconoclast of her generation. She officially converted to Islam from Hinduism.
* Steven Vikash Chand - Arrested in the 06 Toronto terrorism arrests.
* Pooja Bedi- Bollywood actress, model, socialite. The daughter of late dancer Protima Bedi and actor Kabir Bedi. She converted to Islam and took the name of NoorJehan on her marriage to Farhan Furniturewala, prominent businessman.
* Dhiren Barot - Born in India to a Hindu family, Barot was later sentenced to 40 years in prison in the United Kingdom for conspiracy to murder. Barot admitted to plotting to bomb the New York Stock Exchange, the International Monetary Fund headquarters, and the World Bank, amongst other targets.

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